Poker rooms want you to sign up and then keep playing with them, so they offer special rewards for becoming a member, making your first deposit, and continuing to play. Of course, a bad poker room that only offers these things and where everything else is of poor quality will not be long-lived in the online poker world. However, among the top-notch poker rooms, getting it right when it comes to the poker bonus and other player-friendly offers can give the room an extra edge against the competitors.

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Poker welcome bonus

If you are familiar with online casinos, you probably know about the type of welcome bonus offer where you get a bunch of bonus money after your first deposit, and then have to wager a large amount of money to clear a wager requirement (play-through requirement) before you can withdraw any money from your casino account.

Most poker rooms online work differently. You don’t get a bunch of money upfront. Instead, your bonus is released gradually, in increments, as you clear the wager requirement. This means that you don’t have to sit there with a frozen poker account, hoping that you will be able to fulfil the play-through requirement. In most poker rooms, it’s the rake you pay in cash games and the buy-in you pay to play in tournaments that counts and makes the room release bonus money into your account.

What’s a percentage deposit bonus?

The percentage deposit bonus is a very common type of bonus in online poker rooms.

Example: “Get a 200% deposit bonus up to a maximum of €1,000.”

This means, that if you deposit €100 you get a €200 bonus. If you had deposited €250 you would have gotten a €500 bonus instead, and so on.

The size of your bonus depends on the size of your deposit.

How large are the increments for bonus release?

As mentioned above, a poker bonus is usually released in increments. This means that even if you deposited €250 and got a €500 in the example above, you have to earn your access to the €500 by playing cash games or buying into tournaments.

How large these increments are is naturally something that is of interest. You preferably want to get a little something from the bonus regularly, rather than having to clear it one hundred dollar bill at the time. Always check the size of the increments before you accept any poker bonus, because it will vary. Increments of €1 or €2 are common, but you can’t count on it always being like that.

What’s a reload bonus?

If your poker account is getting close to zero, you might get a message from the poker room, offering your a reload bonus if you make a new deposit. They want you to put new money into your account so you can keep playing poker in their poker room, and they entice you by offering a type of deposit bonus.

What’s rakeback?

Rakeback is a type of loyalty program where the poker room pay you back a certain percentage of the rake. Depending on the exact conditions and your playing habits, rakeback can have a huge impact on your long-term bankroll.